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    can not find where MP2 is getting those numbers next to episode title from.
    This are season and episodes numbers as written on the screen. They appear if they are inside the tvguide.xml... If you want to have a closer look this is how they are noted inside the tvguide.xml:

    <episode-num system="xmltv_ns">3.4.</episode-num>
    where the count starts with 0 not with 1 This example above is season 4 episode 5.
    Far the most people like to have those information, if available... So there are many tools out there that adds those numbers if they are missing in the "raw" EPG data.. But I'm not aware of any tool to remove them. And I also don't know how to disable them without modifying the skin files...


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    can not find where MP2 is getting those numbers next to episode title from. Those numbers do not appear in the xml file section for those shows. Don't know what to edit to remove those.
    This are season and episodes numbers as written on the screen. They appear if they are inside the tvguide.xml
    Now that we know that the numbers in the EPG really are the series and episode numbers, you may decide that you actually like them shown that way. (y)

    However, if you want to obtain the WMC EPG view as far as possible, I think that your EPG-fixup tool will need to:
    • Scan the downloaded EPG.
    • For each programme entry, extract the series and episode info (if present).
    • Append the series and episode info to the description.
    • Remove the series and episode tag from the programme entry.
    If there is no series and episode tag in the EPG file imported into TV Server, neither XmlTv nor TV Server nor the skin will be able to append series and episode numbers to the programme title in the EPG.

    Of course, it would be easier if either XmlTv or TV Server or the skin offered an option to stop appending the series and episode number to the programme title, but I don't know whether such an option exists.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK


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    I had checked the episode-num line, and they do not match for a given show. But after checking several entries I found that the number showing on the Guide is a corrected/adjusted number. So if the xml file shows 1.9 as episode-num, the Guide displays 10.2. So MP2 is converting the xml number by adding 1 to each digit set.

    I will have to think more about how I want to edit the tvguide.xml file. What I want is not the Series/Episode info in the guide entry (makes the entry crowded), but in the show synopsis at the bottom. And also would like the info in the Recorded shows info.

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