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March 31, 2009
Yeah funny thing is i have 2 of these cards and admittedly they were cheap but i think the drivers are a little flaky. when i first bought them i installed them both in the one machine to have 4 channels. everything worked fine for about 2 days then for no reason i couldn't watch tv. found out the drivers decided they couldn't figure out which card to work for :) so i took out one card then it all worked fine.

so currently have a 2nd machine with this card in it and its working flawlessly. so i had a spare and one night wanted to record 3 different shows but couldn't so i thought i would install the spare card into a machine which is currently running with a pinnacle dual card. first few times it took quite awhile to find the channels so i cancelled it then un-installed and re-installed the card about 3 times then it just decided to work! so was happy recording 4 channels for a few nights. decided to play around with it and corrupted the database :) so un-installed everything and started again...

and now stuck at the thing taking 10 minutes to find the channels...

also everytime to go to pre-load the card and after a restart it corrupts the tvservice and i have to re-install everything.

too lazy to re-install windows though... hopefully they come out with a driver that is stable.

It would be useful if you post your logs, maybe someone will spot the problem.


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May 22, 2010
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this is the log for my other pc which has the same card and works with out a problem. i must mention that this one is using mysql and the other one is using mssql.


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April 18, 2009
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Please try RC4 and if that does not work post a support request in the correct forum, following the guidelines.


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  • January 27, 2005
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    can I just add here that I have been using this card for several months and it is without doubt the most stable card I have used in years. This is on XP 32 bit so I think the hardware is good. Not sure about 64 Bit Win7 drivers but hardware seems great


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  • February 5, 2010
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    I've been using mine (assuming it's the same model number, but it's a PEAK dual tuner so it should be) on Win7 64bit without problems. It's worked with WMC, TV Server from RC1 on and the 4TheRecord Argus server (and several Windows re-bulds).

    I know that doesn't help, but at least you know it is possible. Which drivers did you install? Mine only came with Vista drivers that I had to install manually.


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    May 6, 2009
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    Hi jtgowen

    I have justgot a Kworld twin usb tuner and are having similar problems to yourself. ie no channels when scanned and will not build graph, the supplied Tivme application works great (XP32 Pro SP3). I thought OK lets see what windows 7 can do so with a spare HD installed windows7 pro and the AF9015 driver only and with media centre all OK. Installed MediaPortal 1.1.0 RC4 and scanned for channels and bingo, away it whent and would show live TV in mediaportal TV. I then installed the onlinevideo plugin and found Mp4 and FLV codecs were missing. Installed real alternative and apple alternative but still no go and then I found the Kworld tuner was acting up. No scanning and graph build as my XPpro system. Unistalling the two packages has still not repaired the damage.
    Ihave now gone one stage further and installed GB-PVR on the XPpro system nd this found and tuned the Kworld without a hitch. I am totaly confused as to what I should be looking for at this stage. Did you ever get to the bottom of your problem?


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