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  • January 7, 2008
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    When I try to start TV server setup, it seems it cannot find any free TV tuning cards, but there should be TWO available (Digital Devices Octopus/duoflex with Alphacrypt CAM), because there are no other apps running that use these cards. I have tried almost everything I can think of to solve it but the problem persists.

    Watchdog logs attached

    I tried the following to solve the issue without success.

    • Completely removed (full remove, third option) of Mediaportal, turn off computer, turn off computer power supply, turn on power, start windows 10 home and do a fresh reinstall
    • Removed/installed TVserver only, kept the database
    • Removed and installed the digital device drivers
    • turned on/of the various tuners inside the DD config tool.

    When reinstalling TVserver it connects successfully with Mysql database (all green) also the TVserver test inside mediaportal configuration works fine.

    This problem occured after I changed the windows name of the computer to MEDIACENTER, before that it did work fine, but only changing a name should not be causing this stupid persistent failure.. why isnt it able to find the cards anymore?

    Below a picture of the error message I get when trying to open TVserver, this same panel also shows when starting the TV inside Mediaportal.:

    See my profile for the system configuration, note that MP is 1.18.0 final and Windows 10 Home is installed with all updates.

    What can I do more to solve this problem?


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  • January 7, 2008
    Netherlands Netherlands
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    Wow that was quick...!

    Checked your link to the problem, and see I did almost everything OK, but failed to change the Schema name.

    But I just removed everthing again but now also removed Mysql and the DD drivers, reinstalling should now solve the problem.

    Thanks for the super quick reply, much appreciated!

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