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May 16, 2018
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Hello everyone,

I was hoping I could pick every ones brain to see if anyone has dealt with a similar issue in the past.

I'm trying to build a TVServer to push TV around my house to Kodi players. I've put together the computer with Win 7 OS and three WinTV Nova-TD-500 cards I had cheap from ebay. Everything is installed within device manager correctly and MediaPortal Server detects the 3 cards with 2 tuners on each. However I've come across and issue where only one of the cards scans channels the other two say no signal. Just to confuse matters further, during testing I removed the antenna feeds from the card that was working (call it card A) and placed them into one of the other cards that was saying no signal (card B) but when scanning MediaPortal reported that the original card (card A) had signal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    only one of the cards scans channels the other two say no signal.
    In the very first HTPC that I set up (using WMC), I tried to use three Nova TD-500 cards for a total of six DVB-T tuners, but I could not get them to work properly. I don't remember the exact nature of the failure (it was in 2009!), but I eventually found a post on the Hauppauge support forum from a Hauppauge representative saying that more than one TD-500 in a system was an unsupported configuration. And that was what I found -- one card worked without problem, but two or three would not. I guess that the driver for the card expects to see only one card, and becomes confused when there are two or more TD-500 cards present.

    If my recollection of the cause of the problem is correct, and an updated driver was never issued, I don't think that there is any fix that you can use. The only solution is to sell two of the TD-500 cards, and buy two different cards to use with the remaining TD-500 card. Also, bear in mind that the DVB-T broadcasts will probably be discontinued sometime in the next five years, so you might like to consider purchasing DVB-T2 tuner cards (all/most DVB-T transmissions will become DVB-T2).

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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