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January 22, 2015
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My issue is TV server only shows movies or series as Genres.

I pull my EPG thru EPG collector and it pulls more than 1 category i.e "series" and then "animation"
heres an example.



But when I try sort out the categories in tv server I only get the option of movie or series

How do I get the rest of the categories to map them? as my guide s only showing the movie or series categories.


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    Hi MadibaJ

    TV Server's database only has the capacity to store one category per program. The XMLTV standard says that categories should be listed in descending order of importance. Therefore when the XMLTV plugin imports data, it only takes the first category - which in your case is either "Movie" or "Series" - and the rest are ignored.

    You're always going to be limited by the single storage slot in the database. However there are a couple of ways that you might improve the situation:
    1. Find a way to combine the categories into one entry (eg. "<category>Movie, Adventure</category>").
    2. Find a way to exclude the first movie/series category.
    I think EPG Collector has customisable category mappings, so you may be able to achieve one or both of the above through EPG Collector config. If all else fails, it'd certainly be possible to write a batch script that performs the required modifications.

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    January 22, 2015
    Australia Australia
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    Thanks mm, I'll take it up witH Steve over at EPGCollector.

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