[confirm] TvServer while scanning doesn't add new IPTV channels (1 Viewer)

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    If you are using VLC to stream these channels then I suggest that you contact the VLC developers and ask them to fix this issue rather than adding the change to MediaPortal.
    Actually VLC doesn't provide information if stream is audio or video. But I have the same problem with my provider which sends udp streams. And I think that I don't convince my provider to change it's streams. In the MP 1.1.3 (SVN tags 1.1.2) it works.

    [Edit: TV Server is meant to be compatible with the existing filter. The new filter may be very desirable for its new features, however until the updated filter is added to TV Server I think it is a little unfair to say that it is our bug.]
    I accept that I'm comming with new filter to late :( and probably will not be included with MP 1.2.0. I think that this thread can be closed and we can continue in discussion on new thread for MP 1.2.0 Beta (https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/mediaportal-1-2-0-beta-540/tvserver-while-scanning-doesnt-add-new-iptv-channels-95882/), because MP 1.2.0 Alpha is obsolete.


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    The TVE3 was able to work with streams like this before the refactoring done in revision 27406. It might be unfair/wrong to say that it is a bug, but it has become more restrictive than before. The patch made by 'georgius' can't be that bad. Should'nt it be safe to asume that it's television in case both video and audio has been found? (Zero is also invalid when both audio/video is found).



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    Closing this thread as above. Please continue in the thread linked above so everything is in one place
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