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September 19, 2006
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MIght be a poor connection between CAM and TBS-card then?
No I don't think so. Sometimes CAMs just cause trouble with scanning. I've seen reports over the years where CAMs block or corrupt all or part of the stream from the tuner. That can cause TV Server to not find some or all channels, or to receive scrambled/garbled channel details. I don't know what causes it. Maybe not enough power available for the tuner/CAM to operate properly; maybe a compatibility issue between CAM and CI slot; maybe a tuner or CI slot driver issue; maybe a CAM configuration issue; maybe a CAM firmware issue; maybe a CAM processor limitation (stream bit-rate too high or too many sub-streams). The list goes on. Many possibilities. All I know is that scanning is more reliable when the CAM is removed.
OK, so I usually do the right thing then when scanning on a card without a CI/CAM and map the channels afterwards. Thanks again!

But I still have no clue why it after ten days suddenly started to work. But right now I really don't care, because it is now working again! :)


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    But I still have no clue why it after ten days suddenly started to work.
    From what you said in your earlier replies I think the key was moving the tuner to a different USB port. I could speculate about why that made a difference (USB compatibility issue, not enough bandwidth/power available from the previous port... etc.) but...

    But right now I really don't care, because it is now working again! :)
    ...100% agree. :)


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    March 5, 2010
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    EPG seems to still not be working based on the discussions on Kodi forum.

    Does anyone have a workaround for this? I have huge issues with the MP1-TV-server and MP2 server at least works, so I prefer the MP2 one...
    Found the problem. I was issuing an incorrect EPG query when using SQLite as backend database.
    The problem should be solved after updating your TVServerKodi plugin to TVServerKodi plugin v1.12.0.131.
    You can download the latest version from the TVServerKodi plugin website or using this direct link.

    Edit: note that the TVServerKodi plugin still only support TVE 3
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    TVServerKodi.dll nach: "c:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MP2-Server\Plugins\SlimTv.Service3\Plugins\" kopieren. Dahin wo auch alle anderen TV Server Plugins sind...
    Könnte man allerdings auch durch bloßes Anschauen drauf kommen...
    Dann den MP2 Server neu starten, damit das Plugin aktiviert wird und es in den TV Settings konfigurieren. Eigentlich muss man nur die Timeshift- und Aufnahme Order direkt freigeben. Es reicht nicht, wenn die Ordner auf einem freigegebenen Laufwerk liegen. Macht aber das Plugin selbst in der Config...

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