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Pat Clark

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April 25, 2012
United States of America United States of America
Long time MP user here, stumped.
Installed HDHomeRun Prime in Windows 10 box.
HDHomeRun app and NPVR both work just fine.

Followed the wiki and the thread to the letter, as far as I know.
Cable service is all SDV, cable card and tuning resolver are required and installed and working.

MP 1.18, just installed over equally incapable 1.17. I haven't done anything else with .18 yet.

.17 was patched according to 4 year old thread: CableCARD tuner support for MediaPortal 1

Windows 10, auto updated.
Old ATSC cards are still in system, but disabled through TVServer.
Hard wired LAN between computer and router, and between HDHomeRun and router.
Firewall checked, MP itself, TV Server, TV setup, and Config all have full access.
Scan time adjusted up to 120+ seconds.
CAM setting is on, with 1 specified as instructed.

Server log at debug level attached.


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