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Discussion in '1.2.x' started by doveman, January 11, 2012.

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    Are you letting PowerScheduler control standby or Windows? If it goes to sleep automatically when you kill TVService.exe, then that's Windows putting it to sleep so you should probably look at the PowerScheduler settings and try setting those so that Windows controls standby even whilst TVService is running. I don't have my tuner installed on the PC at the moment, so I can't load the config to check but I think you have to set it to Desktop mode and Expert mode on the first tab, then on the Advanced tab untick "Apply recommended settings automatically", then click Configure Manually to make sure the Windows power settings are as you want them. Also go through the EPG, Processes, Shares and Network tabs and untick any "Do not put the computer to sleep whilst" settings for now, just to eliminate those as being the problem whilst you try and get it working.
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    I let Windows control the standby mode (and if possible I'd like to keep it that way). I had PowerScheduler previously configured for HTPC mode so I set it now to Desktop mode (not that it really made a difference).
    Also I went through all the power awaking and EPG related options and turned them off, still he refuses to automatically go to sleep.

    It seems obvious that as long as the "Legacy Kernel Caller" is in the powercfg requests list he won't go to sleep. Also note that I'm testing without any MediaPortal stuff running because for now I just want to get the Sleep mode working with the TvService being enabled, the rest can be dealt with once it is working.

    However I have to correct my previous statement, I just tried to kill the TvService.exe again but the Legacy Kernel Caller didn't disappear from the list. After that I did a reboot and the Legacy Kernel Caller was gone, however TvService.exe didn't launch with the startup.
    After a second reboot the TvService was there again but so was the Legacy Kernel Caller. I tried to kill the TvService a second time just to check if this situation is reproducible but it wasn't (the whole first reboot part didn't happen, it went straight to the second reboot scenario).

    I'll try to completely disable the PowerScheduler plugin tomorrow to see if the Legacy Kernel Caller disappears, just to be sure. Also how can I check if the TvCard is currently doing something (like grabbing EPG data even though I disabled it)?

    Btw my system specs (all latest drivers are installed):
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
    CPU: Intel Celeron G1610 @2.4 GHz
    MB: Asus P8B75-M
    RAM: 4GB
    TvCard: Cinergy S2 PCI (with CI module)
    MediaPortal: 1.5

    PS: Should I post this as a new topic? This doesn't really fit into the 1.2.x category anymore...

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