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December 8, 2005
Hi guy's,

I'm new here and would like to say top product and does everything that I wanted from a HTPC so Congratulations!!! Pat's on the back all round!

Now to my problem. I have been trying to get the UK DVB-T EPG Working with my KStream DVB-T 100 card and it gets nothing I get the following in the epg.log

09/12/2005 07:34:05 started thread EPG-Parser
09/12/2005 07:34:05 epg ready. added 0 events to database! Next grab at 01/01/0001 00:00:00
09/12/2005 07:34:05 thread end:EPG-Parser

I have noticed this in another thread but the information was relating to a cvs update. I am running MP and have the latest version of the KStream drivers. I have also tried a Nova-T and that pick's up some data.

Also the UK broadcasts a 14 Day EPG over the air I believe between 3-4 AM. For MP to grab this would be good.

Keep up the good work!!!!!!


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