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July 17, 2013
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I'm new to posting for support, so please advise me if I need to do something differently, or if I'm in the wrong place.
I entered my system specs in my profile, and if I understand correctly, they are visible when I post?

This is a new install on a machine that was upgraded from Vista to Win7 SP1 Home Premium. I started with MP version 1.4.0, and after fighting it for endless hours, thought I'd try going back a version to 1.3 final. The symptoms I am having were the same with both installs and both versions. They match the Wiki article at:


EXCEPT for the indicated error messages and log entries. Missing labels and content in the guide, and unable to watch TV. But, when setting up channels and groups, I can see and hear the "previews", so I know the tuners are working. Basic radio is working for listening. One more quirk: when scanning for analog channels, it blue screens at about channel 43. I don't really care about the analog TV channels, so I skipped that part of the scan in later installations.

The database connection test during configuration tests fine (green). I've tried the solutions that have been presented on numerous similar problems found in the Wiki and Forums. I've also done a complete remove and re-install of both versions at least twice. The channels are mapped, and my EPG claims to be working and says it is populating the MySQL with 35 channels and 10000+ programs. I just can't see it. (Using mc2xml.) The TV plug-in appears to be installed. I've zipped up my log and config files from both the client and TVServer sides.

If past experience is any sign, I'm missing something very simple. Any assistance or advice that anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to get MP running and recording OTA programming so I can cut the downlink with DTV.

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    Hi and welcome!
    Seems you'r post got caught by our mod-filter - sorry about that! I've now released the thread.

    PS: For first time support post, I'd say you're doing great! (Sys. spec is showing correct, btw :)).

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