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April 3, 2006
Just installed MP. Windows 8 64x
When I try to play a music (any) file (MP3) I get:
Unable to play ..song title...

The log:

2013-03-03 00:13:58.639203 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: BASS: Initializing BASS audio engine...
2013-03-03 00:13:58.651204 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: BASS: Using Sound Device Speakers (ASUS Xonar D2 Audio Device)
2013-03-03 00:14:00.106409 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: BASS: Initialization done.
2013-03-03 00:14:00.137413 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: BASS: Unable to create Stream for L:\MP3\Al Stewart\1972 - Orange\04 - The News From Spain.mp3. Reason: BASS_ERROR_UNKNOWN.
2013-03-03 00:14:00.144413 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: BASS: Unable to play L:\MP3\Al Stewart\1972 - Orange\04 - The News From Spain.mp3. Reason: BASS_ERROR_HANDLE.
2013-03-03 00:14:00.152415 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: g_Player: ended
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    They do work with dshow btw
    Just a guess:
    Can you try to set your sound device to "Default Sound Device", if not already done (MP Config -> Music). Or try to set it to another one and see if it helps.


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    April 3, 2006
    That's what I originally had (it is the default after the install), but the problem is the same.


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    April 3, 2006
    I tried to install the 1.3 beta, but get a dialog:

    Compitibility Mode : WIndows 7 [6.1.7600.0]

    Your platform is not supported by MediaPortal, Please check our Wiki....

    But after that the install continued...
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    April 3, 2006
    In configuration, BASS is selected (it's disabled so I cannot select anything else)
    And 'Default Sound Device'

    But testing is not possible. After starting MP and go to 'Music', MP hangs...


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    April 3, 2006
    Here it is...[DOUBLEPOST=1362415289][/DOUBLEPOST]When it hangs it takes about 15 % of the cpu
    Using procmon to see what it is doing I only get two types of events:
    TCP receive and TCP send
    Moonstone.mydomain.nl:2543 -> Moonstone.mydomain.nl:31456

    Only the 'Music' folder does this, all others seem to be working (pictures. Video...)
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    It looks like you have a corrupted Folder Database.
    Go to Start Menu -> Team MediaPortal -> MediaPortal -> User Files

    navigate to the database folder and delete folderdatabase3.db3

    this should solve your problem.

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