Upgrade MP1 v1.10 to 1.14 Fails - OS error (1 Viewer)


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April 18, 2016
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Had MP1 1.10 on Windows 7 - All working fine.
Upgraded to Windows 10 - Still working fine.
Upgraded to MP1 1.14 - Everything but the MP Client & Configuration seems to work.

When launching either MP or MP Configuration client, I get the following error:
UNKNOWN [10.0.10586.0]
Your platform is not supported and cannot be used for MediaPortal/TV-Server!
Please check out Wiki's requirements page.

Configuation log: Configuration v1.14.0.0 is starting up on UNKNOWN [10.0.10586.0]
However, the TVServer log knows what's up: SetupTv v1.14.0.0 is starting up on Windows 10 [10.0.10586.0]

So what the heck happened to the Client/Configuration to not understand that it's Windows 10?

After all this, I performed a backup of Install & Config directories and exported TV Server.
Then I tried a "fresh install" with all the data still there.

If I need to delete the entire Program Files & ProgramData folders for MP & MP TV Server, so be it, but I'd rather find the one/couple thing(s) that needs tweaked for the MP & Configuration to work correctly.


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April 18, 2016
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I think I might have got this...

I downloaded everything for use with DeployTool.
Ran the package-mediaportal.exe with a install/repair option, no backups (already had everything manually backed up)
During install, it failed due to several .dll's that couldn't be written to. Skipped and let it finish.
Tried to manually delete log4net.dll which said it was in use by hcwhelper.exe
Task manager killed hcwhelper.exe
Re-ran package.mediaportal.exe - Complete success. MP & Configuration GUI's launch.

Manual backup install (Program Files) & config (ProgramData) MediaPortal directories now that it seems to have installed correctly.
Restore backup config dir (ProgramData\MediaPortal\)

Looks like all is well... Recordings, Scheduled Recordings, Moving Pictures, MP-TVSeries ... all working correctly.

Please close ... Thanks!

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