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April 14, 2010
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To the developers of StreamedMP. First I'd just like to say that I absolutely love this skin. I have three media machines and they are all using this skin. The only thing that I'm requesting, since Google destroyed their weather API is if you could open up the option for using other weather plugins to display weather on the basic home summary page. Also to use other plugin options than World Weather for the quick current weather up in the top right of the home screens.

Since the current weather options became very limited for me (Yahoo weather only displays two days worth of info), I resorted to using the Canadian weather plugin. That developer created StreamedMP weather pages. Currently though the Basic Home screen remains the broken World Weather. What would it take for StreamedMP to include other weather options in their setup, and get away from World Weather? Would be good to have options.

Thanks again for a great skin.

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