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July 16, 2005
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Hi cul8er

Firstly, thanks for the great skin... I love it and use it religiously.

The only change I'm hoping to make is to include more TV Channels on the TV Guide screen. I've been trying all day to adapt the MediaStream mytvguide.xml for incoproration into X_Factor, but have had little luck. I can't get the X-Factor video "frame" around the "TV Preview" window (the live video screen that appears when you switch to the guide when TV is running), and I'm having problems keeping the properties of the "top-bar" (with the time. etc) looking consistent with the rest of the skin.

I was hoping you might be able to point out the appropriate elements in the MediaStream mytvguide.xml (attached) that I need to alter to achieve this.

Note: I hope there is no problem with me using the tvguide layout from another skin with your release.

Many thanks


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  • August 31, 2006
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    Hi rich110,

    Thank you for your feedback! I have added this on my list and will create a TVGuide with more rows 8 or 12 in a MOD file that I will post in the MOD theread within a week from now. Then you can take that file and copy to the xfactor skin directory (overwriting the existing file) and you are done.

    best regards

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