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June 7, 2007

Are 48khz DTS tracks not supported? I demuxed the DTS track from DVD and couldn't get it to play. 44.1khz DTS plays fine.


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  • August 25, 2007
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    48KHz should not be a problem. This plugin however only plays DTS when encapsulated in a WAV. I suspect your DVD track is 'raw' DTS.
    If so, you can convert it into a wav by using a conversion tool like the spdifer tool on AC3Filter tools | AC3Filter. I'm sure there are other tools available, google will help.

    Another possibility is to use this plugin:
    In combination with AC3Filter | AC3Filter it can play raw DTS directly.




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    June 7, 2007
    Thanks, spdifer worked.

    I also tried the ac3filter plugin but my processor doesn't like the 44.1khz DTS spdif sent by ac3filter. It will recognize and play the 44.1khz DTS file only when I turn on the processor while the file is already playing. Seems it has a problem with the beginning of the DTS file.


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    February 15, 2007
    hi !

    thanks for a great plugin!

    I only have one problem, one kind of irritating,,,

    I have a g35 motherboard connected through hdmi to my receiver, using vista i have selected 7.1 speakers. Everything works like a charm, but when i am using this audio plugin the board still outputs 7.1 channels, i would like it to output 2channels only... (need that to decode HDCDs and play bitperfect...)

    If i select only 2channels in vista audio settings, it does exactly what i want , but then i need to change it back to 7.1 when watching movies...
    is there any way to have the plugin to take exclusive control over the audio device and only send as many channels of sound as the source i am playing has...

    i have tried both asio and windows device, both of them sends 7.1 lpcm to the receiver (only 2 channels active though)


    Best Regards
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