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  • April 19, 2006
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    Supported Plugins:

    MyConnect4 v0.3
    MyEmulators v1.7
    MyFilms v4.5
    MyGlobalSearch v0.1.1b
    MyLyrics v1.00
    MyMastermind v2.10
    MyMinesweeper v0.1
    MyMusic Trivia v0.3.1
    MyOnlineVideos v0.32
    MyOrganizer v2.0 (Not fully tested)
    MySimonSay v0.5
    MyUsenet v0.4.1
    MyWorldMap v0.5
    My XM Radio v0.2.3.0 (Untested)
    NetflixManager v2.0
    Shoutcast Directory v0.0.0.5
    TVGemist 1.1
    TVRecordings v0.2
    wwITV v0.7

    Install Instructions: (MediaPortal Version (or later) REQUIRED)

    (Tested with MediaPortal-svn--03-20-2008--05-05-Rev18105)

    1) Copy the HandelGotD.ttf font from the Font folder into your Windows\Fonts folder.
    If using Vista you may need to right-click on the font and choose "install".

    2) Copy the ReVision folder to you MediaPortal\skin folder.

    3) Copy the plugins to your MediaPortal\plugins\Windows folder.

    4) Depending on which screen you would like to see in MP-TVSeries, copy one of the TVSeries.xml.
    files from the MP-TVSeries\"Your Choice" folder to your MediaPortal\skin\ReVision folder.
    A backup of the one supplied with ReVision is in the MP-TVSeries\Default View Backup folder.
    Have a look at the previews ;-).
    Have a look at the logos in the MP-TVSeries\Logos folder too ;-)

    5) Delete the cache folder in : ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Cache (Vista)
    Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Cache (Windows XP)

    ***** Thanks to all who posted updated xmls and bug reports/suggestions *****

    Have fun!!!
    Psycho Reptile.

    Version 1.7 Changes:

    Changed version number to match other skin versions.
    Improved common facade (icons/filmstrip) in music, picture and video screens.
    General settings screen reordered.
    Fixed navigation issue in video playlist.
    Reduced list control spacing.
    Videotitle matches video screen.
    Updated mytvhome.
    Fixed a bug in tvconflict screen.
    Updated myradio screen.
    Fixed mytvcompress, x10 displaying itemcount etc.
    Scheduler recordings listcontrol layout improved.
    Fixed mymusicvideos.
    Updates to MPTV-Series.
    Updated TV settings to include LATM AAC Audio Codecs.
    Added support for skin info plugin.
    Added video rating value to IMDB screen.
    Added custom MPTV-Series logos.
    Added support for/ updated loads of plugins, now inline with Indigo/Monochrome.
    Added Extra/Listen and Watch menus.
    Seventy seven xmls changed/updated.
    Seventy Nine gfx files changed/updated.

    The v1.7 of Replicant will follow soon :D


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    February 14, 2008

    Nice skin. Been using this in preference over all other skins for quite some time. Nice to see the "flipy" removed...caused problems with my x1250 ATI gfx chipset. No longer any need for me to manually remove it. :)

    I'm not sure how to get the TV Series logos working. Got any pointers?


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    February 14, 2008
    OK, I've worked out the basics of the logos. I'll answer my own question in here to help out anyone else that's new to MP and having problems with this.

    To configure the logos:
    - extract them to a folder somewhere on your hard-drive. I chose Replicant/Media/Logos but you can pretty much stick them anywhere.
    - Open up MP configuration and configure the MP-TV Series plugin.
    - From the Media Portal Display Control Tab (you'll need to scroll down to get to the logos section), click Templates.
    - Select the logos you are interested in and point the browse file dialog at the appropriate logo.

    That should do it. TBH, it's a bit of a pain to set up. It would be better if you could import the logo settings as part of the skin install. Still, once you've worked it out it isn't too onerous.


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    February 14, 2008
    I've been using this for a few days now and really like the new MyTVSeries layout. I'd like to move to using Fan Art if possible but have some issues with the layout. I prefer the default layout for the season overview page, is it possible to keep this and still have the Fan Art at the Episode level? Also, if Fan Art isn't present for a Series, the layout is broken. Presume this just means that you MUST have Fan Art for all Series or is there a way of creating a generic backdrop for those Series without Fan Art.


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    March 3, 2007
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    Thank you for your almost perfect skin. I say "almost", because I have an issue with the new font. Some letters have small white lines or dots below them. Mostly letters relatively few English speakers use (but I do, being Swedish): such as å, ä and ö. My guess is that letters like é will have the same phenomenon.

    is this only me? Do I do something wrong. I use widescreen Revision 1.7 since yesterday.



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    November 27, 2007
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    In spanish we use some special letters like ñ,á,é,í,ü... but no problem here. Everything ok.


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    March 3, 2007
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    Well, the font problem isn't entirely consistent: In the Main Menu there are some ä letters. Under every ä here is an annoying white line. Looking in the My Music screen in list view yields normal ä, ö and å, but instead there are some dots under every g and é. I also noticed that the dollar sign in Too $short has changed to the character which I think is found on Apple keyboards' bottom left and looks like this ⌘ or like this picture if it won't show
    Image:1 9 2 30.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    LXTR, ifyou look in these different menus, don't you see any lines under these characters. Do you have any dollar signs that have changed?

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