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    video cross-correlation by audio

    Calculate delay between 2 video files using cross-correlation calculation of their audio

    • Compare audio from 2 video files to find the dalay
    • Support stream selection for video with multiple audio streams
    • Configurable start-time and duration for the extracted audio
    • Normalizes audio streams before comparing them
    • Play audio after fixing delay, as stereo. One stream in the left channel the other in the right channel
    • Visual waveform of the fixed audio. See both channels one over the other
    • Configurable UI theme & color
    You have 2 video files:
    1. HD with language #1
    2. SD with language #2
    You want to merge them into a single HD video with 2 audio streams.

    What this tool give you:
    This calculator will tell you exactly how much video #2 delays comparing to video #1 (in milliseconds precision)

    What this tool doesn't do:
    This tool does not merge the video files.
    For that, you have MKVToolNix



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