1. Cowboy

    Playback Problem with CTD or sometimes BSOD

    Hi there, i didn't find any hint for my problem but i managed it so far. Just in case someone else will have this trouble, here is the solution. Problem: The video playback seems not to be started, the picture comes approx. 30 seconds after the sound is coming. Not out of sync but very late...
  2. yoavain

    Tools and other software Video Cross-Correlation Calculator

    video cross-correlation by audio Calculate delay between 2 video files using cross-correlation calculation of their audio Features: Compare audio from 2 video files to find the dalay Support stream selection for video with multiple audio streams Configurable start-time and duration for the...
  3. F

    Changing the OSD delay time in MediaPortal-2

    I am a new user to MediaPortal2 and have been using it to watch DVD's after finding Windows 10's native DVD player to be poor. My only issue with the player is the play / pause / timeline overlay that appears when I mouse over the screen. I find this irritating every time my cursor wanders over...
  4. R

    USB XBox 360 controller sensitivity and repeat problems

    Hey all. I have been messing with mediaportal for several years and love it. First time posting but have gained many years of problem solving help by searching these forums. I have a problem I can't seem to solve. I have a wired XBox 360 controller and am having some issues. All the buttons work...
  5. Rick164

    Audio Switcher - easily change audio device via context menu (using remote key)

    Introduction This allows you to easily change your active Windows audio (playback) device using a context menu which you can show by mapping it to a remote key, the current remote keys mappable are: Red Green Blue Yellow DVD menu Subpage Up / Down Also has a a few optional features: - Set...
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