[no Bug] Video glitches after pausing/rewinding/fastfording movies - tv is ok (1 Viewer)


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July 22, 2011
When watching a movie, if you pause, rewind or fastforward it causes the video to start glitching. You have to stop the movie and then play again for it to run smoothly. Sometimes you have to stop the movie twice in order for it to play again properly.

Latest Nvidia drivers, Clean install of Win10-64 and Mp2.2

This has only happened since 2.2

Any help would be appreciated. Logs attached :)




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July 22, 2011
UPDATE - So far the problem goes away of you go to VIDEO PLAYER SETTINGS and disable refresh rate change. You can pause, rewind etc as much as you want and it doesn't glitch. If you switch refresh change back to on then it glitches.

Will this effect the video quality if I leave it off and do you know why this is only happening in 2.2, I have never turned this off with any previous versions.

Thanks heaps!


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    this is only happening in 2.2, I have never turned this off with any previous versions.
    Probably cause is that the RefreshRate changer was broken in former MP2 versions in combination with specific Windows versions

    I don't know any better way, we just tell Windows to switch refresh rate. If this does not work I recommend to switch this feature off and set your display rate to most common value (i.e. 50 Hz for Europe)

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