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April 11, 2005
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To avoid cross-posting, here is my experience with MP on Vista.

It's been running rock-solid for two months now. I had no issues with drivers (all recent hardware, I admit), stability (ran 5 machines on Vista - only reverted back the P4 1800 with 1MB of RAM laptop to XP SP2 because of speed issues - I need it for on-site support).

I'll admit it took me some time to figure out how to get Digital Audio Out with DTS passthrough etc.

I am in general an early adopter and a fanatic power-user. Sometimes to the dispair of my girlfriend. But when everything works perfect like it has for the last few months, she does not complain, quite the contrary !

Next week I'll report after the upgrade of my MP machine to SP1.

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  • June 13, 2005
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    Finally seem to have a stable install, but only by using full admin account (3rd install).

    Using normal admin rights, (which i really was attempting to use to set everything up as) Java would install ok, then followed by azurues vuze (to test) which came up with java errors.
    Tried this a couple of times, even using the full download, rather than the web based installer itself, used this same file on real admin account with no problems.

    The best one, internet explorer would lock up as soon as i tried to access mediaportal webpages, taskmanager was the only way of shutting it down, every other website in my extensive favourites list worked, Firefox had no such problems, nor IE8 :confused:, again no such problem with real admin account.

    No sound card problems now neither, Audigy4 seems to be talking fine to windows sounds (was not previously) again even though it showed up fine in device manager, until a reboot where it uninstalled itself, tried 3 times, same thing.

    Still would recommend any driver\software installs are done from a real Adminstrator setup and then drop back to a normal admin account for day to day use, I really like to think i'm computer savvy and am totally baffled why some of the problems that have occured, if you only want a htpc stick with xp prosp2 :) less hassle, only advantage so far is memory used just running OS has dropped by a third.

    BTW, had not a single problem with original Vista install without service pack, installing using normal admin rights.


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    update my dev pc to vista sp1 lately - now i am unable to tune or scan with my FloppyDTV C

    the card works fine in my HTPC (Win 2005 MCE)

    no other problems


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    Nice to hear somebody having a positive experience with Vista.
    For my part, SP1 totally killed my HP printer, decided to nuke my TCP/IP stack and winsock thought it'd just not play at all!
    Yeah for Micro$oft - oh how we love you guys!

    BTW this is on the 'playing' machine - my HTPC runs with XP Pro sp2 PERFECTLY (well, as near as possible with the current MP bugs ;) )


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  • January 7, 2008
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    Hmmm.. Sooo SP1 may have caused my codec issues? (see other posts, suddenly black screen on some SDTV channels) It suddenly fails to load cyberlink video/SP decoder PDVD7 as the MPEG2 decoder (not only in MP, also in Firedtv viewer) causing many TV channels cant be watched anymore.

    I must have got it via an automatic update.



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  • January 7, 2008
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    Checked history and version.. apearently I do not have SP1.. but isn't SP1 the same as when you have installed all important and recommended updates?

    Bo matter what I have, the problem is still there: very blocky Mpeg2 with MPV decoder, blank sceen and no audio with Cyberlink video/SP decoder PDVD7.


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    April 11, 2005
    Belgium Belgium
    While a few days ago I reported having a perfect experience with Vista, I should now admit I had major issues while installing SP1. The source... not sure... some system partition issue is my best guess.

    I got overconfident and installed SP1, then proceeded to install the latest SVN of both MediaPortal and TV Server. This really messed up things. To fix the issues, I used System Restore and got back my perfect and stable MP install. Instead of being smart and make a backup of my install and all config files, databases, ... I proceeded to only reinstall SP1. The plan was to check if things kept running at that time. If they did, I would upgrade MP and then TV Server.

    At that moment, all hell broke loose... BSOD after final reboot of SP1. No way to boot into Vista. Even the installer DVD crashed before I could do anything. When I hot-plugged the SATA drive in another machine, it caused BSODs there as well. And with a cold boot as well. I tried salvaging some of my files using bootdisks, but several of them crashed while accessing the system partition.

    Now, three nights of 4-5h sleep later, I have a Vista with SP1 again. MP and TVserver are installed again. Some plugins are reinstalled, but I am still hours away from my customised setup...

    I tell everyone to make backups... but making them myself ? Nooo sir... I don't need to !

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