Waking up from Hibernate: External USB-Tuner not working (1 Viewer)


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September 5, 2007
Hi everyone,

I have MP 1.0 with TVServer, 1x Hauppauge DVB-S PCI, 1x Tevii DVB-S USB (external) and 1x MSI DVB-T USB (external).

4 = Hauppauge
3 = Tevii
1 = Webradio (not used)

After waking up from Hibernate, I have the following problem:
  • Recording/Watching with Hauppauge works fine
  • Watching with Tevii USB while Hauppage is busy fails ("no signal")

After rebooting my machine, everything works fine - so the problem seems to result from Hibernation (probably a driver issue).
So the problem can't be with my hard-wiring!

I also figured out that giving the Tevii-device the highest priority seems to solve the problem.
When it is the first tuner being used aftre Hibernation, it gets a signal and Hauppauge can be used as a secondary device.

Any resolution for this?
Can I configure MP in any way to perform a Reboot after Hibernation, thus having a clean, freshly bootet system?
I also have PVR Scheduler and MCE Standby-Tool in use, so if anyone knows how to configure these tools to do the reboot after Hibernation, I would be glad to hear.



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