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June 14, 2008
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MediaPortal Version: 1.4.0

WASAPI does not perform as expected, audio drops, random jitter and pops. Happens on mp3, flac, 44.1k, 96k etc. Apparently random but possibly down to buffer issues.
Have tried exclusive mode on/off. Bass player works fine. Foobar2000 with WASAPI works fine. Noticed another topic there under 1.4 prerelease but thought better to start a fresh topic.
On a side note, will there be volume control in exclusive mode?

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June 10, 2011
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Yes, both the WASAPI audio player and the Mediaportal Audio Renderer (which apparently also uses WASAPI) are extremely flaky for me. I am using a GTX680 connected via HDMI to a Denon 3312 receiver. Sometimes I get white noise (not nice) or silence or sometimes I will lose sound when changing song etc. I have no problems with WASAPI in Foobar2000 or JRiver Media Center. The new audio renderers should probably be flagged as beta IMO.

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