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April 6, 2009
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ok, pretty new here so hers' my stupid question, or questions.

do i need a service like schedules direct to get web epg to work. when i try to set up using the webepg config i get the follow error and no channels from import. i do have channels set up in the tv server.

-2009-04-05 22:16:44.015625 [Info.][WebEPG Config]: WebEPG Config: Button: Import
-2009-04-05 22:16:44.015625 [Info.][WebEPG Config]: WebEPG Config: Importing from TV Server Database
-2009-04-05 22:16:44.015625 [ERROR][WebEPG Config]: WebEPG Config: Import failed - The type initializer for - Gentle.Framework.ProviderFactory' threw an exception.

in my defense i have read and tried everything i could find but no soap. ( or channels, for that matter)

so brainiacs, what's the noob doing wrong.



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