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  • November 23, 2004
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    Hi all,
    I run into a problem situation with WEBEPG and Powerscheduler, where I would need some advice from the community.

    When I wake-up my PC to run WEBEPG, MP is still running. ( In fact it is always running ) Now as nobody is operating on MP, powerscheduler puts the machine back to sleep after a few minutes. But WEBEPG did not finish it's work, which causes of cause a lot of trouble.

    How did you solve this ?

    There are a few options :
    - Stop MP during the runtime of WEBEPG. There are a few scripts and programs around, that may accomplish this. But overall not a very satisfying solution as MP is not available. MP IMHO must have 24/7 availability like a traditional VCR.

    - Put MP in a submenue by Sendkey- script which disables Powerscheduler. But then MP is not available for anything else.

    - WEPEPG suspends MP's powerscheduler programmatically during runtime. The ultimate solution ! Seems to be a feature request or did I miss something ?

    Comments welcome !


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