WebEPG Schedule only shows until 12 AM next day, not the 14 days ahead it's supposed to.

Discussion in 'WebEPG' started by TheCoachChen, August 3, 2015.

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    Hello community! I just recently set up the WebEPG Schedule in accordance to these directions. http://wiki.team-mediaportal.com/1_...001_TV-Server/Configuration/13_Plugins/WebEPG I don't have any merged channels. My schedule only shows the schedule for shows until midnight the next day. I also checked in the WenEPG menu and set the program to record 14 days worth of schedule. I am using MediaPortal 2 with Windows 10. Please help, for I can't find any plausible solutions online. Lastly, thanks for the software.

    CPU: AMD Athlon X3 450
    GPU: AMD Radeon 5450
    HDD: 2TB and 3 TB WD Green
    PSU: 530 W Seasonic PSU
    RAM 4 GB 1333 MHz Crucial RAM
    OS: Windows 10

    My IMDB XML File: (I'm from Madison, WI, hence the Madison TV stations)

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Info language="en" availableDays="14" timezone="" version="2.0" />


    <Channel id="WBUW-HD" siteId="WBUWDT" />
    <Channel id="WMTV-HD" siteId="WMTVDT" />
    <Channel id="WKOWABC" siteId="WKOWDT" />
    <Channel id="WMSN-TV" siteId="WMSN" />
    <Channel id="WHA-HD" siteId="WHADT" />
    <Channel id="WPT2" siteId="WHADT2" />
    <Channel id="WPT3" siteId="WHADT3" />
    <Channel id="WMSNDT3" siteId="WMSNDT3" />
    <Channel id="WISC-DT" siteId="WISC" />
    <Channel id="WMTV-Wx" siteId="WMTVDT2" />
    <Channel id="WMTV/Antenna TV (ANT-TV)" siteId="WMTVDT3" />
    <Channel id="GRIT TV" siteId="WMSNDT3" />
    <Channel id="get TV" siteId="WMSNDT2" />
    <Channel id="WKOW-ME" siteId="WKOWDT2" />
    <Channel id="WKOW-TH" siteId="WKOWDT3" />
    <Channel id="TVW" siteId="WISCDT2" />


    <Listing type="Html">
    <Site url="http://www.imdb.com/tvgrid/[2015]-[08]-[03]/[ID]&amp;start_date=[2015]-[08]-[03]/?zip=53711" post="" external="false" encoding="" />
    <Template name="default" start="single_station_container">
    <SectionTemplate tags="TB">


    <Search match="(?&lt;=&lt;i&gt;(?!&lt;a))(.*?)(?=&amp;nbsp;&lt;\/i&gt;)" field="#SUBTITLE" remove="true" />
    <Search match="(?&lt;=&lt;i&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;/title/tt\d{7}/&quot;&gt;)(.*?)(?=&lt;\/a&gt;)" field="#SUBTITLE" remove="true" />
    <Search match="&amp;nbsp;-&amp;nbsp;" field="#JUNK" remove="true" />
    <Search match=":&amp;nbsp;" field="#JUNK" remove="true" />


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    First double check your WebEPG GrabDays setting in the General Page of the plugin. I just tried 5 days, and downloaded EPG up to Sat afternoon. Make sure you press "save" after making changes.

    If you still have problems upload your SetupTv.log file after you do a "GrabNow" so we can see what is not working.
    Last edited: August 4, 2015

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