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    First of all, congratulations to this awesome application you guys have created here!
    Everyone can see how much planing and testing you guys did before the first release. :)

    I have done an installation on my system, and all is working very well.
    One thing I'd like to have is a config option to define the Port used by WebMP. The default port 8080 is sadly in use by my router. So to access the TV-Guide from outside my LAN, I need to change the port of the WebMP.

    Keep up the great work! :)


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  • August 29, 2009
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    It's already possible to change the port but there is no user interface for changing it yet. You can change the value in C:\ProgramData\MPExtended\WebMediaPortalHosting.xml. I'm working on adding this setting to the configuration interface.


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    I changed the port number in "C:\Program Files\MPExtended\WebMediaPortal\DefaultConfig\WebMediaPortalHosting.xml" and restarted my HTPC, but the web page was still available on 8080 and not my selected port.

    MPExtended v0.4.3
    MPExtended-WebMediaPortal v0.4.3

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