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April 16, 2012
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I had some issues with MP1.6 so I re-installed it and after that can't get WebMP to work on port 80.
It's working on 81 and all ports except 80

It's giving me blank page on port 80

<process started at 2014-05-10 22:17:39 with arguments /systray:0 /config:C:\Windows\TEMP\tmp5509.tmp /site:WebMediaPortal>
[2014-05-10 22:17:40] Starting IIS Express ...
[2014-05-10 22:17:40] Failed to call HttpAddUrl with http://*:80/
[2014-05-10 22:17:40] Registration completed for site "WebMediaPortal"
[2014-05-10 22:17:40] Failed to process sites
[2014-05-10 22:17:41] Report ListenerChannel stopped due to failure; ProtocolId:http, ListenerChannelId:0
[2014-05-10 22:17:41] HostableWebCore activation failed.
[2014-05-10 22:17:41] Unable to start iisexpress.
[2014-05-10 22:17:41]
[2014-05-10 22:17:41] Cannot create a file when that file already exists.
[2014-05-10 22:17:41]
[2014-05-10 22:17:41] For more information about the error, run iisexpress.exe with the tracing switch enabled (/trace:error).
<process exited at 2014-05-10 22:17:41>
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