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January 16, 2009
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I am trying to set up MP with my set-top-box, and found my way to this forum. However, every setup guide on here and others on the net say there is an XMLTV directory in the MP directory, which mine DOES NOT HAVE. Is this because I am using 1.0? Did something change from the older versions?


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    Hi there

    Do you have your channel guide in xmltv format?
    If so, enable the xmltv plugin in tvserver (are you using tvserver? please update your system specs).
    You can then specify your own folder where you put the tvguide.xml file.


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    January 16, 2009
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    Yeah, I found out that if you are on Vista, the folder isnt in the MediaPortal directory, its in the C:Users\... directory.

    90% of the stuff in the setup sticky at the top of this forum just doesnt seem to apply. *$)%#$%*#$)^* why is this so ***** hard?

    Vista Home Premium
    MediaPortal 1.0
    TVServer 1.0
    Pentium 920D (dual core)
    PQI 2gb DDR2 Memory
    Asus P5WD2-Premium Motherboard
    Western Digital PATA 120gb (OS/software)
    Hitachi SATA 1tb (movies, storage)
    Ati Radeon x1900xt via RGB out to TV
    Hauppauge 1800


    I setup an account at Zap2It, I downloaded XMLTV from sourceForge and now I am lost.

    ** Registering for your listings using Zap2it **
    1) Visit TV Listings Guide, TV Ratings, TV News, TV Shows - Zap2it.
    2) Register for an account using the certificate code ZYZM-TE5O-SBUT (this is specified when you run xmltv.exe grabber --configure as well).
    3) Setup your listings/lineups for your area using the zap2it website.
    4) Also note, zap2it subscriptions expire every 3 months. All this means is you will have to relogin and resubscribe.

    I registered for an account, however it never asked me, or had a place to enter the "certiificate code"

    ** Media Portal Configuration **
    1) Install MediaPortal package. (no brainer)
    2) Download the latest version of xmltv (0.5.42 today) here.
    3) Extract only the contents of the xmltv-0.5.42-win32 directory (its in the zip) into your c:\program files\team mediaportal\mediaportal\xmltv\ directory. This is C:Users\All Users\Team MediaPortal\Mediaportal in Vista
    4) Run "Setup Mediaportal" and skip through the wizard because stuff in the wizard never works for me. Then run it again so you get the regular looking setup GUI.
    5) Goto Television > Program Guide. Uncheck "Use time zone information from XMLTV file." Set your "Compensate time zone" to your time zone (ie: mine is -6 for CST). this isnt an option for me, and therefore nothing under here applies???
    6) Goto the "Scheduler" tab. Set the "Grabber" to tv_grab_na_dd. Click "Run Grabber."
    7) This should run the --configure command for xmltv. If it doesn't bring a command prompt up and ask you for a time zone offset skip down to the bottom to "Manual xmltv --configure".
    8) For Timezone offset set +0000. All other settings are explained well or default. This command added all the channels for xmltv to grab in the tv_grab_na_dd.conf. This will also go ahead and grab all the data as well. If you dont see "Downloaded XXXX programs in..." you've done something wrong.

    ** Manual xmltv --configure **
    1) Open command prompt (windows key r > cmd). Type cd c:\program files\team mediaportal\mediaportal\xmltv. Type xmltv tv_grab_dd_na --configure. Resume Step 8 from above.
    2) Also run the "Run Grabber" again so that you can actually get the data instead of just setting up your .conf.

    ** Notes about time zone offset settings **
    In the RC2 I have never been able to "Get time zone data from the XMLTV file" because if it did get that data you shouldn't have to set the offset (atleast thats why I would think). If you are having problems with your times being off, make sure you are following this guide from a fresh install (delete the mediaportal directory). This is the only way I know of getting the time zone stuff to work as it should.

    ** Windows Task Scheduler Settings **
    Well, this stuff works pretty much how it is. Set your administrator account and password (or another user that has rights to create tasks).

    I tried to italicize any information that may be different if you are configuring this for another country, or in a different directory.
    Thats pretty much it. Feel free to post anything I have missed.
    I do take donations via Paypal... haha just kidding


    I have given up on the Zap2it option, and signed up for an account at schedules direct. I downloaded the schedules direct plug in from here, and extracted it to the plugins folder. I configured the plugin with my username and pass for schedules direct, but nothing happens. There are no channels listed anywhere under the TV Channels in TVserver.

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