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I'd like to start a thread here to see what the community feels are the most important things to get added to MediaPortal next.

*** I want to make it clear at this stage that this should in no way be considered a moan at the developers. Far from it. There is a very long list of things to be done for 0.1 There is also an ever expanding list in the feature request section. These comment could be used by the developers to get a feel for what the rest of us think. Or they could develop whatever they want and we'd still be very happy just to get the chance to use this great open-source software. :wink: ***

The purpose of this thread would be to find out what the "majority" feel should take priority. If there is enough response to this with similar things re-appearing, then I might start a poll to try and get real numbers.

Come on, what do you want added next :?:


Here's mine:

1. Multi-monitor support. (want to permanently have MediaPortal fullscreen on my TV without it showing on my Primary display)
2. Standby support. (MediaPortal will "wake-up" for scheduled recordings and myAlarm events)
3. Better picture quality (de-interlacing issues) and recording for my 9600 aiw card (completely selfish request)


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September 18, 2004
ok..then mine:

1. Complete support of SW MPEG Encoding till full PAL resolution for bt878 (very personally^^)

2. Some basic skin editor

3. EPG : search by time (now, evening), by title and genre.


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August 26, 2004
West Yorks, UK
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United Kingdom United Kingdom
1. A generic plugin allowing addition of menu items on the home page which function much like the "My Programs" plugin. This would allow users to categorise shortcuts in folders and reference them on the home page (e.g. My Games, My ROMs, My Karaoke, My Internet etc. etc.)

2. Timeshifting working on MSI MEGA with the 8606 TV card.

3. Real Audio stream support.


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April 22, 2004
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In order of priority:

- Timeshifting support for SW tv tuner cards this will increase the user database dramatically.
- realtime theme editor (like the one in xlobby)
- fininshed My Programs plugin (or My games)


I have only one wish not three 8)

This is a better support of more kinds and brands of SW TV cards (doesn't mean that the current is bad, and I know it's difficult)

let me say: I have the Pinnacle PCTV Stereo and MP crashes with any configuration I tried


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May 31, 2004
1. Standby support, waking MP at any programmed recording or myAlarm
2. EPG search and categories
3. Complete SW card support for recording in the background, without changing the card if you want to record.


1. Muliti Monitor Support
1.1 Seperate 'fullscreenable' window for TV
1.2 One-Touch Send to other monitor of running MP
1.3 One-Touch toggle fullscreen <-> windowed mode of MP
2. Stability (however this may also be MY Hardware)
3. Wake-Up feature

(Write me if you want to be linked up with more details
to each feature request, i didn't want to 'spam' this thread with it)


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April 22, 2004
1. A generic My program plugin that can have multiple instance in mediaportal home and that we can rename (My Games, My Programs etc..), this plugin should have the "remember view by icon/list preference", a folder picture and command line action.

2. Built-in CD (flac, ogg, mp3) and DVD ripper (dvd shrink, xivd). I know the second one is a bitch it's hard to find good and Simple DVD to avi converter with CLI. Auto Gordian Knot is great but don't support this. I'm looking into a software called faire use (GPL) but was not able to find the sources. Could be a possibility.

3. Built-in Options in Settings. If we could configure Mediaportal within Mediaportal with the remote, we could have a killer feature (I hate it when I have to get back to the mouse-keyboard for adding a picture folder).

I have others :)


My feature: Allow MP to record using the TV Guide as description to identify the program but set the actual channel input to Composite or SVHS. I have a satellite box but only a cable -tv card, and have to run a SVHS feed to the card. I realise i have to program both devices, but thats no big job.

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