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September 5, 2009
Hungary Hungary
Im new here, and i build my htpc on MediaPortal first time...so i need to cover few things...

I dig the forum but dont find answers so, i hope there are someone here who can help me :)

I bought a big hd44780 4x20 LCD, and i designed a spec case for it, and go to ITX (hope it will work fast anf easy with MP, feel free to correct me if im wrong.. )

so, the questions is:

--if the screen need to scrool the text it is not so smooth feeling..my etup is wrong? or something slow? or this is because big charactered LCD?

--i would be glad to get all thoose "commands" what i can use in miniDisplay.xml.

--nowadays is there option to use LCD to show up HDD state? like movieposition-duration in bar format??

i will be very glad to get such kind of list, what and where can we use, and what is it for....
i found few (list upper) , but it should be much more...

regards to Devs, they did a great job with this app...i going to like MP :)


I found this in Joe Daltons post somewhere it this forums...

parse values represent a text with a number of property references. These property references are replaced by their values when the text is displayed. (Enable the property browser in the plugin setup to see all available properties)

text values are the same, but contain references to strings that should be translated. #999 is then the ID of the string you want to display (see in the language .xml files for the list of possible values)

property values are the same than text values, but contain just a single property reference. (This works much faster than a parse value)]

notnull or isnull are special kinds of property values. If you add one of them to one of the values explained above, than it is evaluated before, and only if the condition matches (property is null or not) the text is sent to the display.

--How can we use this information to edit miniDisplay.xml,and get proper screens? can someone post exaples?
Can someone share with me 4x20 screen configs what can be usefull in everyday use? thx


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March 13, 2008
Denmark Denmark
Try to select "Show property browser" in MiniDisplay Setup.
Start MP and find "Mini display property browser" running i background.



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September 5, 2009
Hungary Hungary
Try to select "Show property browser" in MiniDisplay Setup.
Start MP and find "Mini display property browser" running i background.

tried...all MP freezes...

now i go for ITX, try with that one,in couple of weeks :)

anyway thx for help,and ideas

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