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March 23, 2009
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I upgraded all my (HT)PCs to Win10 (from Win7) since it was released in the last year. The only problem I had were early win 10 driver versions of Nvidia and AMD. I did no clean install at all, only uprades with the media creation tool. I can absolutely recommend Win 10 as HTPC OS for MediaPortal.


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    I'll add my 2 cents, on my recent Windows 10 experience

    1) Tried to upgrade from 7N to 10N and the media experience pack would not install on 10N after the upgrade, there are 2 builds and it didn't make a difference, the newer build still did not resolve the issue. Only a clean install of 10, after upgrading to 10(to confirm activation) resolved the issue.

    2) Not sure if just an OS issue or due to the hardware changes(i upgraded my dual core pentium to a 6 core AMD FX6350 + mobo/ram/gpu) Some older Crucial SSD's (M4 has this issue) have a bit of a compatibility issue with some operating systems, there is a BIOS update which resolves this:
    Wasn't a problem on Windows 7

    3) I found the HTPC works best with UAC off, this is probably expected right?
    4) spybot antibeacon will turn off most of the chatting back to microsoft that everyone is so scared about.

    Other than that, working flawlessly.


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    3) I found the HTPC works best with UAC off, this is probably expected right?
    Yeah UAC is more of an annoyance, with Windows 10 you can't fully turn it off anymore thru registry sadly without it breaking every Metro / Modern UI app like settings / store / notification center (partially).


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    3) I found the HTPC works best with UAC off, this is probably expected right?
    Yeah UAC is more of an annoyance, with Windows 10 you can't fully turn it off anymore thru registry sadly without it breaking every Metro / Modern UI app like settings / store / notification center (partially).
    I think it's the same as win8 :)


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    Seamless? OK, upgrade was [old laptop with Arudino dev setup {on slow powerline line in freezing garage - but it did work - fair's fair} & new build i3 MePo client - both Win7 upgrades] but turning it into a minimal base for a MePo [or other media client] client/server - hardly seamless:-<

    1) Privacy settings - set on install [turned all OFF, all 'allow this app to send', share location, get new maps etc etc], ignored by individual accounts [have to set each again after install and given number of 'toggles' to set, that a lot of work] - yes, could use 3rd party fix, but idea is I own the box and the link, so I want to control the shared data:cautious:
    2) Applications - those you can 'uninstall' are not uninstalled - it's a per user and many of them require using PowerShell, there is no command line option, and some you cannot remove at all [Edge & Cortana + some XBox support].
    3) Firewall nag - have to go via Control Panel [old style] - all the 'do not alert' setting in Win10 GUI are ignored.
    4) Turing off [not removing] OneDrive is regedit task.
    5) etc etc - far worse than Win7 [skipped 8, so maybe I'm spoilt:) in number of aspects

    Performance - can't say, new hardware not tried in anger but nothing amiss I can see, too soon for stability [set update to 'under my control' and not 'as and when MS think it's appropriate'].

    Provided your prepared to share all [and take performance/network hit] with MS and some other 3rd party apps suppliers with MS [not MePo obviously - no back channel], then Win10 is fine - if you prefer not too, it's a challenge to make 'safe':eek:

    TTFN - JCMP.


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    I am just on my fourth Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade, I have previously gone and done a format of the hard drive and a clean install of 10 after fiddling with it a bit, think I may do the same for the fourth, I just like to know that there is no old drivers / codecs / software / apps knocking about in the background that may cause conflicts, use up hard drive space or system resources (and I mght be a little on the OCD spectrum!)

    Main issue is with a Realtek onboard NIC and network shares.

    After a reboot Windows keeps saying that the server is not available, it will then come online after a few minutes, no bloody good for a Media Portal client, all my media is stored on a server. After a LOT of flaffing and research, and numerous NIC drivers, I think I may have hit upon a solution which is to change the server share from the name to the IP address, this seems to work instantly on a reboot.

    This involved, giving my server machine a static IP address, and then changing all the network paths in MP from the name to the IP address. TV Series and Moving Pictures re-imported everything from scratch after this. But seems to be working okay now.



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    I'm avoiding Win 10 like the plague.

    Tried a clean install of the server - fine but I'm never sure what it is up to - it uses a lot of tracking.

    As for clients, same issue with the added "bonus" that my clients are room specific, not people - and adding a non MS account is a royal pain.

    The 'behind the scenes' updates and logging is annoying, especially when what I want more than anything is stability.

    I was totally cheesed off by being "offered" Kandy Crush/Skype/Office for machines that can never, EVER sensibly run these.

    I upgraded the server (and client) and two other clients before I just got fed up fighting with Win 10.

    I'm not a luddite, I have a spiffy new Win 10 64 bit gaming rig (just to play Tomb Raider - BADLY!) and both my and spouse's laptops are on Win 10 too.

    But for the home automation laptop (HomeSeer on Win 7 64 bit) the CCTV server (iSpyConnect on Win 732 bit) and MediaPortal client/server Win7 64 bit, 8 clients on Win7 32 bit) I don't need MS deciding what/how and when for me.

    (Yes, I know I have a STUPID number of machines here. Heck, there's even one in the garage on 24/7 -the clients run as CCTV/Video Intercom and well as being able to play radio/tv/etc. when I'm there.)

    Windows 10 takes the control away from me -that is just wrong.


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    Hi Everyone - Just a quick FYI on a mid 2010 Mac mini which has been a happy Win 7 MP1 HTPC (client only) using Bootcamp for ages. Officially this mini is not supported in Win 10 (by Apple) but gave it a shot and things didn't go so well. After video and network issues post upgrade I did a full clean Windows only install and same issues - Windows seemed happy enough but missing drivers and so on. MP1 menus and video was really flickery and Ethernet worked as far as being assigned an IP via DHCP... but kept saying no internet access and didn't really go. Wifi seemed fine. Anyway have now gone back installed El Capitan and Bootcamp / Win 7 (8 not supported either) and going to leave it at that until it no longer works. Fun try but no cake!


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    Had a similar issue with a 2010 Imac, I've upgraded mine to windows 10, and the issues have mostly been minor, things like the taskbar showing over youtube full screen video(which i don't do very often on that machine).

    More annoying, is a recent windows update which completely destroys the HID Input Device driver(deletes it) from Windows. It's not like the Imac ever had PS2 keyboard support, native or emulated so at this point the machine was useless, had to re-install, and of course enable remote access(why i didn't before i have no idea). Of course the issue comes back after an hour or so during normal updates, but copying the hidclass.sys from another machine, then deleting the devices resolved it.

    So, make sure you have remote access(RDP or teamviewer) to any mac you upgrade to windows 10.

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