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  • February 29, 2008
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    Of the errors there is only that in the message above

    WBR, ajs :):whistle::coffee:


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    December 13, 2010
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    Information on weather providers (applicable only to me).
    Сurrent weather: MSN - works, but little data; AccuWeather - works, all data; - works, but little data. Yahoo, WorldWeather Online, Weather Underground, Open Weather Map, PreviMeteo, Weather2 not works.
    Forecast for several days: works only MSN, AccuWeather,
    Hourly forecast and graphic information: works only, but in the graphic information there is no info on pressure, humidity, precipitation, cloud coverage.
    Historical data: Weather Underground has blocked all free keys, so there is no data in this section.


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    July 22, 2009
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    Dear community,
    based on the helpful feedback from @123vak123 the final consolidation step for the WorldWeather and WorldWeatherLite plugin has been completed, please find the latest build in the first post of this thread.

    What means these changes:
    • currently WorldWeather supports only weather providers like MSN, AccuWeather and, all other providers has been removed completely and irreversible
    • the image feature should work now as expected, but for the moment web based video support is disabled internally
    • the configuration part of both plugins has been reworked, therefore the first configuration call can end in error messages; in this case please configure the settings carefully again
    Next steps:
    • in the next few days I'll try to monitor feedback and download counts to decide, if it makes sense to analyze updated provider API's or to include suggestions (thx to @ajs for your support)
    • installer files will be created and uploaded to the plugin repository

    Cheers, Micropolis


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  • August 9, 2012
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    Not sure if World Weather has died or whether I have screwed it up big time???::unsure:
    I noticed over the past few days that the current and forecast conditions are not beeing updated (Note I had the same problem a while back with WW Lite and switched to the full version which has been working up till now, see screenshopts below of WW compared to the MS weather app.

    weather 1.jpgweather 2.jpg

    I was using version v1.09 and noted a v1.10 was available albeit from this thread rather than the MP Extension Manager, after manually installing from the zip file I found I was not able to add any new locations and when I ran MP with the pre installed location I got an error and MP was hung see next screenshot, requiring close via the Taskmanager.

    weather 3.jpg

    I then uninstalled the plugin and deleted all traces and reinstalled version v1.09 but still could not detect a valid location, also same after uninstall of the full version and install of WW Lite, see following screenshots.

    weather 4.jpg weather 5.jpg
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    @joecrow What weather provider do you use in WW?
    I think it can´t be compared with MS weather - here the differences between Accuweather (in WW) and MS weather are also significant.
    Just like to mention that the weatherdata delivered from Accuweather are more precise (compared with a weatherstation here in my garden), MS weather is always very different to my measurements and Accuweather.
    Finally, here WW works as it should ;)
    FYI. my version of WW is 1.9.1 from here: World Weather
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