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  • February 29, 2008
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    Of the errors there is only that in the message above

    WBR, ajs :):whistle::coffee:


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    December 13, 2010
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    Information on weather providers (applicable only to me).
    Сurrent weather: MSN - works, but little data; AccuWeather - works, all data; - works, but little data. Yahoo, WorldWeather Online, Weather Underground, Open Weather Map, PreviMeteo, Weather2 not works.
    Forecast for several days: works only MSN, AccuWeather,
    Hourly forecast and graphic information: works only, but in the graphic information there is no info on pressure, humidity, precipitation, cloud coverage.
    Historical data: Weather Underground has blocked all free keys, so there is no data in this section.


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    July 22, 2009
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    Dear community,
    based on the helpful feedback from @123vak123 the final consolidation step for the WorldWeather and WorldWeatherLite plugin has been completed, please find the latest build in the first post of this thread.

    What means these changes:
    • currently WorldWeather supports only weather providers like MSN, AccuWeather and, all other providers has been removed completely and irreversible
    • the image feature should work now as expected, but for the moment web based video support is disabled internally
    • the configuration part of both plugins has been reworked, therefore the first configuration call can end in error messages; in this case please configure the settings carefully again
    Next steps:
    • in the next few days I'll try to monitor feedback and download counts to decide, if it makes sense to analyze updated provider API's or to include suggestions (thx to @ajs for your support)
    • installer files will be created and uploaded to the plugin repository

    Cheers, Micropolis

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