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December 10, 2011
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Hi DieBagger,
I have aMPdroid 1.0.1 running and upgraded MPExtended from 0.4.x to yesterday. I only used the remote control functions until now and was happy. Than I stumbled over some screen shots and wondered was else this app can do. I realized that it doesn't work because I have an outdated MPExtended. Installed it and was happy again, just checked the TV function and the EPG works fine. But today I found out that Movies (Filme), Series (Serien), Music (Musik) and Videos fail with 'Wrong service version'.

Also TV playback doesn't work and throws an exception:
Fehler beim Deserialisieren von Parameter http://mpextended.github.com:mediatype. Die InnerException-Nachricht was "Der Auszählungswert "-2" ist für den Typ "MPExtended.Common.Interfaces.WebMediaType" ungültig und kann nicht serialisiert werden....


PS: Here the JSON from the service:
{"ApiVersion":4,"AvailableFileSystemLibraries":[{"Id":10,"Name":"MP Movie Shares","Version":""},{"Id":11,"Name":"MP Picture Shares","Version":""},{"Id":5,"Name":"MP Shares","Version":""},{"Id":9,"Name":"MP Music Shares","Version":""}],"AvailableMovieLibraries":[{"Id":3,"Name":"Moving Pictures","Version":""},{"Id":7,"Name":"MP MyVideo","Version":""}],"AvailableMusicLibraries":[{"Id":4,"Name":"MP MyMusic","Version":""}],"AvailablePictureLibraries":[{"Id":8,"Name":"MP Picture Shares","Version":""}],"AvailableTvShowLibraries":[{"Id":6,"Name":"MP-TVSeries","Version":""}],"DefaultFileSystemLibrary":5,"DefaultMovieLibrary":3,"DefaultMusicLibrary":4,"DefaultPictureLibrary":0,"DefaultTvShowLibrary":6,"ServiceVersion":"0.5.1"}
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