XMLtv Channel tag Replacer Python script.

Discussion in 'xmlTV' started by gibman, March 9, 2007.

  1. gibman
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    What a sucky subject tagline I know hehe.

    I have attached a python script that helps me replace user-defined tags within the tvguide.xml file with my own.

    ex. I want to change all the occurences of channel="TV2.dr.dk" to

    <programme channel="TV2" start="20070303181000 +0100">

    Why do I want this ? In order to have MP map the XMLTV epg data to the right channel, the "channel" XML tag needs to have the same name/value as the associated channelname within MP. So they need to match each other.

    Often you can configure the .config files of the perl/python XMLtv grabber scripts to change the channelnames to your needs.
    But in my case this is not possible.
    I use multiple tv grabbers.
    This is a way for me to have the channel name mapping configuration defined in one file.

    The python script can in theory do search/replace on all kinds of files.
    It is not limited to XML files in any way.

    U need to DL python for windoze.

    run the replace.py file.
    config is replacevalues.py (edit it)

    'channel="hallmark.dr1.dk"' : 'channel="Hallmark"',

    The parser will look for all occurences of channel="hallmark.dr1.dk" and replace them all with channel="Hallmark"

    It is possible to do a "python to exe" thing, for those who are lazy.
    Although the replacevalues.py should be changed to a replacevalues.config file, otherwise it will be compiled into the final EXE.

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  3. mayankel

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    January 25, 2006
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    Great job, gibman...

    I've tried today and it works perfect for me, but i have one question:

    I want to replace every <sub-title>year</sub-title> to <date>year</date>, where "year" is a number, usually betwen 1950-2007, so i can make 57 translation, (i.e. <sub-title>1951</sub-title> to <date>1951</date>...) and i'm sure it works, but could i use any "*" or somethig to make: <sub-title>1***</sub-title> to <date>1***</date>.

    Thanks and best regards

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