1.22.0 XMLTV not raising the following OnImportEpgPrograms event... (1 Viewer)


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  • July 10, 2013
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    The OnImportEpgPrograms event is not raised when XMLTV imports programs to the EPG.

    This issue is not exclusive to version 1.22, indeed I don't think it ever raised the event, but equally I wouldn't describe it as a "feature request"!

    I noticed this issue when using the EPG Cleaner & Schedule Repair plugin, here. Additionally there is a discussion regarding this event and how it interacts with the EPG Cleaner & Schedule plugin with regard to the Sky EPG Grabber plugin, here.

    I would happily contribute to this, if need be, as I am currently looking at the MP1 source...

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Import data through XMLTV
    Setup EPG Cleaner & Schedule Repair to clean imported channel
    Check if data has been cleaned
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