1. R

    Mp2.2 verschiedene (neue) probleme, server nicht gefunden, client stürzt bei tv ab, timeshift...

    Hallo MP-Team, in letzter Zeit häufen sich bei mir verschiedene Probleme seit der Umstellung auf MP 2.2: - Client stürzt regelmäßig beim TV-Schauen ab - Timeshift kann ab und an nicht gestartet werden - (aktiver) Server wird plötzlich nicht mehr im Netzwerk gefunden (Neuinstallation und...
  2. Chris Melville

    Ability to watch the TV stream directly without the timeshift buffer delay?

    Hi guys, Since WMP was disabled for Windows 10, I needed a suitable replacement - and found success using Kodi as a front-end, with MediaPortal as a back-end TV server. Thank you for the work done so far on developing this software. One thing I notice, however: when I watch live TV, it isn't...
  3. R

    xmltv plug-in loads utc not localized time zone ... on SOME machines

    I have several installations of Media Portal 2.+, one 'real' one and one or more playpens. Fortunately I can get the real one to work. HOWEVER, on several machines loading the schedule, whether it comes from xmltv.com or SchedulesDirect, the times in the tv guide are off by 6 hours, not...
  4. G

    Timeshift samt TV stoppt nach 5 Minuten

    Hallo MP Community, ich konnte hier im Forum kein Leidensgenosse entdecken und eröffne deshalb einen neuen Thread. MP verhält sich bei mir seit Version 1.14.0 was Timeshift angeht sehr seltsam, Timeshift funktioniert nur noch für 5 Minuten. Dabei gehe ich vor wie immer: beim laufenden Programm...
  5. R

    [solved] Timeshifted data is not available when rewind live-tv stream?

    By watchin live tv, sometimes i want to go back a few second just to watch a scene again. But in MP2 there don't seem any data available to go back. Am i'm doing something wrong? In MP1 that works pretty fine... Regards.
  6. Vasilich

    Can MP TV plugin tell me that i have no free disk space for timeshifting?

    as topic says, i want to see if this happens. Yesterday WAF for MP sunk just because she cannot watch TV - any attempt to use it lead to 10 seconds not happening anything (not even wait cursor!) ant then came notification window with name and logo of selected channel, that haven't told though...
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