1. geotwticher

    TV Guide EPG Grabber for Australia 2020 RIP

    Following the recent demise of I am wondering what Mediaportal 2 users in Australia are using for an EPG grabber? I've tried but can't get it to work. I think the problem is with the xmltv.dtd file. I've tried the Mediaport one, as well as one from gihub but still no joy. At...
  2. D

    AUS - IceTV XMLTV EPG now available for all Australian FTA regions for less than $1/week

    With the increasing popularity of Computers or NAS servers being used to record digital free to air TV shows IceTV has decided to provide a cheaper Australian XMLTV EPG subscription option. It is ideal for customers who wish to use the IceTV Australian XMLTV EPG feed but are not able to use...
  3. Robert Kulagowski

    Schedules Direct AU and NZ guide data now available

    Please see for details.
  4. A

    TvWishList EPG Lookup problem

    I have MP working well on two PC’s, having come to Media Portal from Windows Media Centre late last year. I have installed TvWishList on both machines but neither installation is working. I have been trying to fault find for several weeks, using the Help File and the Forum, but with no...
  5. M

    Sydney Australia, empty guide

    Hi people, I'm in Sydney, where I have just installed MP2 on a windows 10 machine. Having used MP1 for several years. I'm very impressed with all the improvements and how slick installation and setup is. BUT I can't get my Guide to populate no matter what I try. Everything else is perfect. To...
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