1. F

    Blu-Ray Contextual Menu Remote Key/Keyboard

    Hi everybody, I've just upgraded to the new 1.19 prerelease and I'm now able to run ISO BLU-RAY with menus and contextual menus. :) My question is about the key mapping. If the DVD Menu ("D" I think) launch the BLU-RAY root menu, I don't know which key allow to launch and clear the contextual...
  2. W

    No Blu-ray playback without Java in 1.16?

    I just recently upgraded to MePo 1.16. My PC does not have Java installed. With previous versions, I was able to select a title from the popup list that appeared when selecting the Blu-ray under videos. Now, however, titles no longer play when selecting them from the popup list even with a BR...
  3. Gobbo

    Upscale DVD

    Hi, I've looked everywhere on MP2, but cant find a upscale function? Is there one? If so, where?
  4. Gobbo

    DVD Extras

    Hi, How can I view the menu screen to access the extras on DVD'S and Blu-Ray? As when I play a movie on MP2 it bypasses the menu and starts playing the film. Kind Regards, Gobbo
  5. P

    MPEG2 files - save recorded show details to MP2 file, not just separate XML file

    I have been unable to locate any documentation on my own for this issue. I am using Media Portal 1 to record TV shows. Media Portal creates a XML file containing details about the show recorded, such as title, episode number, etc. I am using a networked blu-ray DVD player to access my recorded...
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