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    Movie release date in guide

    I'm using XMLTV with Schedules Direct for my epg data. I am almost positive that in the past, Movie descriptions also included the release date tacked on to the end of the description. I have been doing a lot of experimentation the past few months so I'm unsure. If it is supposed to be...
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    Missing dates on tv recordings

    I am running the latest version of MP2. I am not sure when this happened (maybe when I last upgraded versions) but the "Recordings" display does not list the date of the recording anymore. If I had more than one recorded episode in a series, it used to show the date. It doesn't anymore. So...
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    XmlTV: Parse the <new /> tag to obtain air date when <date> tag is missing?

    I would like support for parsing the <new /> tag in <programme> blocks in XmlTV EPG data in order to set the original air date meta-data for a program when that program's <programme> block does not have a <date> tag. I believe this could be easily achieved by simply adding the following code to...
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