1. Charlie TV

    EPG data UK Freeview Aerial best method

    Hi all, I've been using WebGrab+ and xmltv for ages and had it all setup and scheduled to pull data overnight in a couple of hours. However recently its started taking longer and longer, well over 24hrs now, no errors just taking forever. So what are my replacement options for EPG data. I...
  2. N

    TV Server scheduling EVERYTHING to record

    Hi all - urgent help needed please! :( I've got a very critical issue occurring on my main MP client. I first noticed it when I was getting an error on the client stating Live TV was stopping as there were no available tuners due to recording. As I wasn't recording anything I go to check the...
  3. J

    Manual tuning for DVB-T2 transmitter not in UK list

    Hi, I am trying to configure a MP 1 server for my sister, she lives in an area in the UK covered by the Tenbury Wells freeview transmitter. So from the above website I know the frequencies I need to tune into, C60, C57, C53. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the TW transmitter is not on...
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