1. M

    Add Radio channels and EPG to Mediaportal

    Hi, I'm using Mediaportal 1.22 TV Server in combination with Kodi. I'm able to add TV channels and grab EPG using mc2xml.exe software and zap2it source. I newly am interested in adding local radio channels. I added an antenna and was able to scan some. Now I'm looking to make them show in the...
  2. geotwticher

    TV Guide EPG Grabber for Australia 2020 RIP

    Following the recent demise of I am wondering what Mediaportal 2 users in Australia are using for an EPG grabber? I've tried but can't get it to work. I think the problem is with the xmltv.dtd file. I've tried the Mediaport one, as well as one from gihub but still no joy. At...
  3. A

    [AYUDA] Grabbers en para canales de tv españoles

    Hola chicos... Andamos jo....idos... perdon por la expresión. Desde hace un tiempo me he dedicado a mantener los grabers de webepg español que otros hicieron. @Manuelito @arj2000 y otros. Lamentablemente con los cambios ocurridos éste verano, la mayoría ya no funcionan. solo quedan 3 operativos...
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