1. badboyxx

    MP 1.22 final is crashing when jumping forward while playing DVD-Iso

    Can somebody confirm that MP is crashing when you jump forward with right arrow (5 sec.) while playing a DVD-Iso with internal player? Since I installed MP 1.22 final I noticed that behaviour, before it was ok.
  2. fLaSkin

    [solved] Passing ISO (-Path) to external Player without mounting it?

    Hi all, some time is gone since I've watched a 3D BluRay. Yesterday I decided to "do it again". I've installed PowerDVD 15 Ultra on my rig and setup the usual external player and Virtual Drive (native [Win10]) Parts in MePo. After struggling a bit with problems I could fix (more or less) with...
  3. high

    [News] MediaPortal 1.13.0 Released!

    We've just uploaded the final 1.13.0 Release to Sourceforge. Have a look at the ::release news:: to find out more about the improvements it brings to your HTPC!
  4. R

    doxan version: mounting iso

    Hi Have just upgraded to MP2 summer 15 n Windows 10 *64. Unfortunately iso dont get mounted, trying to play via the movies interface. I assume somethings not right with Dokan. I removed the old version of Dokan from control panel prior to installation. I tried to resintall dokan from the...
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