1. F

    Blu-Ray Contextual Menu Remote Key/Keyboard

    Hi everybody, I've just upgraded to the new 1.19 prerelease and I'm now able to run ISO BLU-RAY with menus and contextual menus. :) My question is about the key mapping. If the DVD Menu ("D" I think) launch the BLU-RAY root menu, I don't know which key allow to launch and clear the contextual...
  2. The Solutor

    [Finished] [MP2-789] Keyboard: A lot of shortcuts are missing

    Guys unless I'm missing some thing, MP2 still lacks a lot of keyboard shortcuts, even most basic ones, like + - to get channel up/down. No offense, but I ask myself how that's possible after years of development. MP2 is now generally in good shape, but the lack of keyboard shortcuts makes very...
  3. Kasimir9735

    Mediaportal 2 und stoppen von LiveTV

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe jetzt hier einiges über Tastenbelegung bezüglich MP2 gelesen, aber aus all den Informationen erschließt sich mir immer noch nicht wie ich mit einer ganz normalen Tastatur Mediaportal 2 dazu bewegen kann Live TV oder ein laufendes Video zu stoppen. Geht das mit der...
  4. Rick164

    Preserve custom key mapings after upgrades

    Hi, Whenever I upgrade to a newer version of Mediaportal it seems to remove any custom keys added, for instance have to re-add the custom AtmoLight keyboard shortcut even if I assign it to a non-existent shortcut key (screenshot below) Think this is because the keymap xml is getting overwritten...
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