live tv crash

  1. aalemann

    1.29.0 A few channels are missing in MediaPortal which are present in other liveTV-software

    After many years of successful usage of MediaPortal, we were forced to upgrade the htpc (it's now more than 10 years old). I needed to buy a new tuner card for the new PC as the old card did not fit into the new PC (the old was a PCI card, but the new motherboard only has PCIe slots). So I...
  2. torone

    Dritter versuch mit Mediaportal 2

    Hallo Zusammen Ich nutze seit Uhrzeiten MP1 mit 4 clients und einen sehr großen Homeserver mit 4 HD Karten. Jetzt im Urlaub wollte ich den dritten Versuch starten um endlich auf MP2 umzusteigen. Entweder bin ich zu Blöd oder es liegt an den Einstellungen. Beim neu Aufsetzen hab ich wie bei MP1...
  3. T

    Solved - New Install 1.15.0 Starting TV Crashes MP - WIN 10 HDHOMERUN

    Hi guys I am a newbie to MP, I generally use Windows MCE. So far I have had the same issue for both MP2 which I installed then uninstalled to try MP 1.15.0. I have managed to watch some stored vids on my NAS just to check and make sure all was kinda working. I have run the TV Configuration and...
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