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    Help! MP2 - DVB-T Not recognised (DRIVERS?)

    Hello! I'm new to all this, and new to the forum. I have bought a DVB-T tuner, and I can't seem to get it working with MediaPortal - It's probably a quick fix, probably driver related but I can't seem to find a help guide on the internet (after a couple of days of searching). So - I have also...
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    Is it possible with Media Portal?

    Hi people, I have a Windows 10 computer (desktop), and i want to stream PC contents and watch tv, on a TV with what i think it`s a Pace DCR 8151 or DCR 7151 (i`m not quite sure) tuner. I have also a router provided by my Internet Service Provider which connects to the TV tuner (for watching...
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    Power Scheduler gone rogue

    I was using Media Portal and installed the Power Scheduler add on. Was pretty happy with it until Media Portal stopped playing well with my TV tuners so I uninstalled the app and installed Media Portal 2. Much better, only now Power Scheduler has gone rogue, randomly turning my HTPC off and on...
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