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    No sound when resuming play of a TV recording

    Hi After upgrading to MP 1.18.0: - If I play a recorded TV program, I get sound OK - However if I stop, and then later resume playing the TV recording, there is no sound. - If I turn my Receiver and TV off and then back on, I can resume play fine - with sound. I didn't have this problem with...
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    [solved] major sound issue - somebody can help me configuring a working sound setup?

    The last few days i have an annoying sound problem. There is just no sound on many sources. I figured out, i can hear sound on tv or dvd or video if it's dolby digital or a multi stream sound format, but i have no sound on simple stereo sources like some videos, music, online videos and also tv...
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    No sound with TV

    I have been using MP for about two years. Running MP 1.15.0 on Win 7 (32 bit), for broadcast TV only, using a Hauppage HVR 1600 tuner card. Had not opened MP for about 10 days, and when I did: no sound with TV (I do have TV sound with Win Media Center). Nothing has changed on the machine...
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