1. P

    MP2: US user, OTA - can NOT get SchedulesDirect plugin to work on MP1 or MP2 --> how do I get OTA schedule?

    Hello - I'm a new user converting from a Win7 WMC. I love the features in MP2 (and MP1) but we are heavy OTA watchers - so getting an accurate TV schedule / guide is a deal-breaker. I live in the US and have 2 Hauppauge tuners; they work fine and scan the channels. I have setup a Windows 10...
  2. breese

    xmltv install / configure for ATSC / OTA U.S.A

    EDIT: I am working on a new setup of this and will post here when completed. The new setup will allow the addition of Series info by means of TVGuide.com. As an added bonus, the channel mappings produce a greater number of Auto-Mappings. Thanks goes out to zap2xml for the recent updates allowing...
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