MP2: US user, OTA - can NOT get SchedulesDirect plugin to work on MP1 or MP2 --> how do I get OTA schedule? (1 Viewer)


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May 28, 2020
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Hello - I'm a new user converting from a Win7 WMC. I love the features in MP2 (and MP1) but we are heavy OTA watchers - so getting an accurate TV schedule / guide is a deal-breaker.

I live in the US and have 2 Hauppauge tuners; they work fine and scan the channels. I have setup a Windows 10 v.1909 - Intel i7 system. I currently have a current paid subscription with Schedules Direct.

Do any US users have Schedules Direct + MP2 working? I have tried multiple configs and installs - using threads I've researched about newer DLL's, etc. ALSO - I see threads about the Mc2XML tool. No matter where I look - the links to this app are dead and I can't download it. That appears to be a dead-end.

Any suggestions about getting Schedules Direct to work -- or a working alternative in the US for OTA schedules?


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    Do any US users have Schedules Direct + MP2 working?
    I believe that in the USA you have to download an EPG from the internet. The "Schedules Direct" EPG is reputed to be very good (y), but I have not used it myself.

    MP1 and MP2 use the same "TV Server" code (but packaged differently, so you cannot invoke one from the other). For MP1 there is a TV Server plugin that (I believe) will obtain the "Schedules Direct" EPG and import it into TV Server. This plugin may work with MP2, but I don't know as I have never used it. If the plugin does not work, you will (I think) have to setup the steps separately (so still possible, just more cumbersome).

    The Wiki may be worth a read (although it is sometimes deficient in information or out of date):
    MP2 TV Guide Setup
    MP1 TV Guide Setup

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK


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    May 28, 2020
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    Yep. Based on the notes on those threads, WebEPG doesn't work anymore in the US (thanks, TV Guide) and XML doesn't work due to disappearance of mc2XML tool. The Schedules Direct plugin hasn't been updated in 5+ years - would LOVE to get that work.

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    January 15, 2020
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    I too had hoped for Schedules Direct but alas it seemed it just wasn't going to happen. I ended up using MP2, EPG Buddy and xmlTV to grab guide data from I would say is not as robust as Schedules Direct, but it does work, and its free.

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