1. C

    Is there a Tuner Stream Failure Alarm Plugin?

    Is there any plugin that can monitor incoming MPEG streams from tuners that are being used for scheduled recordings and sound an alarm if those streams suddenly outright stop or severely drop in quality? In other words, is there something that can get my computer to literally scream at me when...
  2. rcauvin

    Use VLC to Watch MP 2.1 Live TV?

    How can I use VLC on a client device (such as another computer on my network) to play live TV from my MP 2.1 server? For example, I have VLC Media Player installed on my Windows laptop. A full installation of MP 2.1 (server and client) is on another Windows machine on the same LAN. As far as I...
  3. bobba32

    Media Potal 1 with Kodi on FireTV - Stream problems after channel change

    Hi, I'm running the following system: Win10 PC with MediaPortal 1 latest version installed. MDAPI+ installed for CAM access. Amazon FireTV with Kodi (16.1) and Media Portal PVR addon (latest version) Generally everything works so far ok. The only problem I'm facing is: After switching the...
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